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Shakespeare’s Musick Grammy Nomination Philips 446 687-2 Arkivmusic    
All the original songs from Shakespeare’s plays, with instrumental music which might have been heard during performances at the Globe theatre

The Masque of Oberon Philips E446 217-2 Arkivmusic
The first recorded reconstruction of Ben Jonson’s court masque, with music for a vast array of voices and Renaissance instruments by Robert Johnson (Shakespeare’s lutenist), Ferrabosco and Holborne

Nutmeg and Ginger Philips 456 507-2 Arkivmusic
Spicy ballads from Shakespeare’s London

Purcell's Shakespeare Philips 446 218-2 Arkivmusic
Music with Shakespeare connections by Purcell, including the masque in Timon of Athens, excerpts from The Fairy Queen and the Witches’ Cave scene from Dido and Aeneas as it might have sounded in a professional theatrical version of 1700, with a baritone Sorceress, slide-trumpets, timpani and double-bass

The Enchanted Island Philips 456 505-2 Archivmusic    
Music by Locke, Weldon and Purcell from the Restoration revivals of The Tempest

Linley Shakespeare Ode Philips 446 689-2 Arkivmusic
The first recording of Thomas Linley’s monumental choral work celebrating the ‘Fairies, Aerial Beings and Witches of Shakespeare’ in its original colourful and symbolic scoring

Shakespeare at Covent Garden Gramophone Critics’ Choice/GEM Laurel award
Philips 456 506-2 Arkivmusic

Bishop: Music for Shakespeare Productions Decca Classics iTunes
The first recording of songs arranged and composed for soloists, chorus and full orchestra by Sir Henry Rowley Bishop (of Home! Sweet Home! fame) from the Shakespeare revivals at Covent Garden in the first decades of the 19th century including Lo! here the Gentle Lark

Shakespeare's Musick Philips 468 024-2

A compilation CD including tracks from several of the above

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